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1. Stock Reports
We produce Stock Reports daily on over 48,000 publicly listed companies around the world in 90 markets. The Stock Report is a unique specialist news feed for business and finance users delivering a wealth of content in each story on each company. It gives both the general reader and the analyst quick and easy access to news of any changes in the corporations and securities they follow or may wish to learn more about, as well as deeper analysis if they are unfamiliar with the company. We believe our Stock Report makes stock analysis more accessible to non-finance readers. Finance professionals will also appreciate the depth of coverage that includes specialist analytic tools that most research subscribers are used to paying hundreds for per each report. Introduction
2. Research Reports
One Page Version
Our Daily One Page Research Report provides the reader a snapshot of the key fundamentals and technicals of each stock. We also update this daily with the latest price volume data as well as any new financials and news stories. If readers require more details on the stock they can then refer to the Daily Detailed Research Report.
Detailed version
Our Daily Detailed Research Report provides the reader detailed analysis on each stock. We update this daily with the latest price volume data as well as any new financials and news stories. These vary in length from 12 pages to 21 pages. What is unique about our research reports is we cover every single stock, and we update our reports every trading day.
Trailing Week
Our Trailing Week Research Report provides the reader detailed analysis on each stock. The difference with the Daily Detailed Research Report is it focuses on the trailing week of trading and hence its technical analysis is based on trailing week indicators rather than daily indicators. These are typically 4 pages long.
Sector Report
Our Sector Research Report covers each sector in a market. It not only provides a summary of how the sector is performing, but offers a snapshot of each publicly listed stock in the sector and how they compare to each other. These vary in length from 10 pages to 14 pages.
3. Real-Time News
Our latest product is customised news titles. These allow each user to choose which news feeds to follow e.g. European Banks, Canada 52-week high, US Mid Cap, US Top News, etc. Our news stories can be updated as frequently as every minute with a real-time feed of markets. This will allow both professional and casual investors to customise which news reaches their screens at the pace they want.
4. Stock Dashboard is our retail website - where we cover 48,000 stocks from around the world. Our 27 sections offer investors a wealth of data including Company Overview, My StockDashboard, Price Volume Dynamics, Bullish & Bearish Headlines, Financials, Shareholders, Ratings, Peer Group Analysis, etc. This means investors can do their own analysis with the same raw numbers we use to do our own analysis.
5. Market Dashboard complements StockDashboard by making it easy for investors to find the stocks that moved each sector and market around the world. By highlighting the top and bottom percentile stocks by various metrics, investors can hone in the stocks that meet their various criterion.
6. Other Products
Daily Newsletter
Our Daily Newsletter provides readers a bird's eye view as well as details on which stocks performed in a given market or sector. Particularly useful to investors, it allows those who want to see beyond the daily snapshot, what exactly drove the direction and magnitude of the markets.
Market Action Tables
This Comparative Performance Report shows all stocks in a market, and allows users to choose from up to 30 metrics to compare each stock. Users can sort by each metric, as well as download the data for their own further analysis.
People in Business
Our soon to be launched "People in Business" title will allow readers to learn more about business executives around the world, as well as track them if they wish to. Many investors find it useful to know more about not only the executives of a company, but also those on the Board. These Board members often have long track records at other private and public companies - and our proprietary algorithms allow us to add value when summarizing the careers of these executives. Companies also often hire executives, including Chief Executive Officers, from outside their firm - so our stories will save readers a lot of time by providing a summary of their career as well as some metrics highlighting their track record.
Private Companies
There are millions of private companies in the US, and tens of millions around the world. Most are very small, however there are tens of thousands which are large enough to be leaders in their industries. In fact the largest private companies in the US are much larger, both in revenues as well as assets, than all mid cap and small cap publicly listed companies. These companies have decided that being publicly listed does not offer them enough advantages. We have begun coverage of the largest private companies as well as those that impact their respective industries the most.
7. Other Instruments
In addition to 48,000 equities from 90 countries in over 120 markets, we also cover:
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • American Depository Receipts
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Sovereign Bonds
  • Commodities
  • Currencies
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